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Student Tourism Programme

The Student Tourism Programme was officially launched on 24 February 2001 by the Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism and the Minister of Education.

The main objectives of this programme are :
  • To promote domestic tourism activities by cultivating a touring culture among students and encouraging them to visit historical and cultural places as well as eco-tourism destinations and other places;

  • To combat social ills which have been on the rise among students today through smart and beneficial use of their leisure time; and

  • To enhance racial unity and integration among the young generation through planned tourism and travel activities which will strengthen the relationship and interaction between the multi-racial students.

What activities are implemented under this programme?
  1. Student Tourism Club - To date, 1,344 tourism clubs have been established in secondary schools nationwide. These clubs organise activities at school level as well as function as information dissemination centres on 3Ps activities in the ministry to students. These activities include the 3Ps Seminar and Tourism Quiz.

  2. 3Ps Seminar - This seminar aims to expose teachers and students to the benefits of tourism and recreational activities apart from cultivating a touring culture and preventing students from being involved in negative pursuits. Participants will also obtain up-do-date information as well as special promotions and tour packages from tour agencies.

  3. State and National Student Tourism Quiz - This quiz is held every year and is open to all government-assisted schools except fully residential schools. The district or state level competitions are held to select representatives for the national level competition. It offers various attractive prizes including the Minister of Tourism's Challenge Trophy.

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