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Think Tourism Course

What is Think Tourism?
Think Tourism is a tourism and customer service awareness programme for front liners in the tourism industry. It is a one-day course conducted by trainers appointed by the ministry. At the end of the course, every participant will be given a Certificate of Attendance.

Why should I attend this course?
This course aims to provide knowledge and exposure to front liners in order to prepare them to face the challenges in the tourism industry and to improve their level of customer service.

How many have attended this course?
From 2002 until 2004, a total of 72 Think Tourism courses were held throughout the country and 7,200 participants were trained.

Who should attend?
This course is targeted at front liners such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, boat operators, tourist guides, cashiers at business premises and hotel workers at the front desks and others. They are the front liners who constantly interact with tourists.

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