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Majlis Bersama Jabatan (MBJ)

The Majlis Bersama Jabatan was established:-
  • to establish closer co-operation between the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia and salaried officers in the ministry in matters relating to the smooth working of the ministry and the welfare of the workers; and
  • to establish the machinery to manage matters relating to the terms of service and generally to gather ideas from the workers and official representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.

The roles and functions of the council are as follows:-
  • to discuss and decide matters relating to the terms of service associated with the respective administrations except all matters relating to individual workers;
  • to enable the staff to participate in and be more responsible for matters relating to their work and to comply with the conditions under which their duties are performed;
  • to encourage the staff to participate in discussions in order to gain an insight into the administration of various departments; and
  • to put in place facilities to improve the running and organisation of the office as well as to receive suggestions and recommendations from the staff regarding this matter.

Meetings of the MBJ should be held every 3 months, i.e. 4 times a year as stipulated under Service Circular No. 2 of 1992 and Service Circular No. 3 of 2002.

Representatives of Service Group (Officers)

No. Name Grade Division
1. Y. Bhg. Datuk Dr. Ong Hong Peng TURUS III
2. Y. Bhg. Dr. Junaida Lee Abdullah JUSA B TKSU (P & P)
3. Y. Brs. Mr Rashidi b. Hasbullah JUSA B TKSU (IP)
4. Miss Saraya bt. Arbi M54 SUB (PSM)
5. Ms Haslina bt. Abdul Hamid M54 SUB (PK)
6. Mr Helmy Zai b. Ibrahim M52 KPSUK (PK) K
7. Ms Aminah bt. Mahran
8. Ms Syamsiah bt. Abdul Wahab
M48 KPSU (PSM) 1
9. Mr Khairolnizam b.Saad M48 KPSU (PSM) 2
10. Mr Keng Bee Cheng M48 KPSU (PSM) 3

Representatives of Service Group

No. Service Group
Alternate Representative
1. Administrative and Diplomatic Officers
JUSA A, JUSA B, JUSA C, Grades M54, M52, M48, M44 & M41
Ms Siti Afeefah bt. Mohammad Zaki
Malaysia My Second Home
Mr Azhan b. Abrar
Infrastructure Development Division
2. Engineer, J48 & J41, Quantity Surveyor, J41, Architectural Draughtsman Ms Sandralina bt. Adenan
Infrastructure Development Division
Mr Mohd Rahman b. Mohd Nor
Infrastructure Development Division
3. Legal Advisor, L48, Legal Officer, L41, Legal Assistant, L29, Psychologist, S41 Mr Parma a/l Chandravivah
Legal Unit
Ms Sherly Emiko bt. Sjarifuddin
Legal Unit
4. Accountant, W41, Auditor W48 & W41, Assistant Auditor, W32 & W27 Mr Mohd. Hafizi b. Idris
Internal Audit Unit
To be announced
5. Information Officer, S44 & S41, Assistant Librarian, S27, Library Assistant, S17, Information Assistant, S17, Photographer, B17/18 Mr Ahmad Zaharrudin B Hj. Salim
Corporate Communications Unit
Ms Izaitul Farah bt. Ibrahim
Corporate Communications Unit
6. Information Technology Officer, F48, F44, F41, Assistant Information Technology Officer F32 & F29, Computer Technician, FT17, Data Processing Machine Operator, F11 Mr Muslin a/l Yin
Information Management Division
Mr Mohd Khairy bin Abdullah
Malaysia Tourism Centre
7. Assistant Administrative Officer, N36, N32 & N27 Mr Mohd Muzammil Wahid b. Mohd Najumudeen
Tourism Licensing Division
Ms Haslinda bte Hashim
Tourism Licensing Division
8. Administrative Assistant (Secretariat), N22 & N17, Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operations), N22 & N17, Customer Service Officer, N22 & N17 Mr Muszairen b. Mustafa
Administration and Finance Division
Ms Noor Mar bt. Sapiai
Industry Development Division
9. Assistant Accountant, W36, W32 & W27 Ms Elyana bt. Kamal
Administration and Finance Division
Ms Nurhayati bt. Abd. Rahim
Administration and Finance Division
10. Special Assistant, Assistant Office Secretary/Office Secretary, N36, N32, N27 & N22 Ms Mimi Azura bt. Aziz
Secretary General Office
Ms Arlene Sharida bt. Othman
Industry Development Division
11. Administrative Assistant (Finance), W22 & W17 Miss Nur Sabrina bt. Hassan Basri
Administration and Finance Division
Miss Leow Hui Sen
Tourism Licensing Division
12. Assistant Accountant, W17 Ms Nor Zaliza bt. Zainuddin
Administration and Finance Division
Ms Aemy Faizah bt. Abd Ghani
Administration and Finance Division
13. General Office Assistant, N4 & N1, Junior General Worker, R1 Mr Samsudin b. Jantan
Secretary General Office
Mr Azree b. Jaafar
Administration and Finance Division
14. Cultural Officer, B41, B27, B17/18 & B11 Mr Mohd. Zuhairi b. Ibrahim
Malaysia Tourism Centre
Mr Edil b. Jaafar
Malaysia Tourism Centre
15. Technical Assistant, J29, Technician, J17, Chargeman, R17 Mr Mohd. Jazmi b. Kamarudin
Malaysia Tourism Centre
Mr Samsudin b. Puasa
Malaysia Tourism Centre
16. Driver, Grade R3 Mr Kamarufaiza b. Mohd Zani
Administration and Finance Division
Mr Fahriza b. Mazli
Administration and Finance Division

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