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28 AUGUST 2019

  1. Assalammualaikum w.b.t and a very good morning to the movers and shakers of the nation's business events industry!
  2. It is a pleasure for me to be here at this auspicious opening ceremony of the 5th Malaysia Business Events Week (MBEW) 2019 to deliver the opening remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC).
  3. First and foremost, let me record my appreciation to those who were involved this important event, the Malaysia Business Events Week (MBEW) 2019:
  4. I wish to commend the team at the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau for the hard work and effort that you have put in organising this event. Thank you for your great contribution and please keep the momentum going.
  5. The business events players of Malaysia namely, KeSATRIAs, Business Event Ambassadors, association champions, professional conference organizers, destination management companies, event suppliers, hotels and airlines, without your support and contribution, the vibrancy of this important Business Events Week would never have had the impact that we see this morning.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
  6. As mentioned by Datuk Zulkefli, I am happy to announce that this year is the 10th year of MyCEB's establishment since 2009. Since its inception until 2018, MyCEB have secured more than 1,100 business events, with an attendance recorded of over 1.1 million international delegates bringing an estimated economic impact of RM8.5 billion.
  7. The inception of MyCEB outlines the country's priorities towards the development of Malaysia as a high-income nation, primarily as an economic contributor and catalyst for job creation, new business opportunities and employment. As we progress and continue to create more successful businesses, we must remain supportive of each other to fully utilize our ability to effect change and bring out transformation. Close networking and understanding of each other's businesses is key in creating an eco-system that is not only conducive to towards the business community but contributes towards the advancement and development in this sector.
  8. I also strongly believe that one of the reasons for these outstanding numbers is due to our advance education system, motivation and commitment, strong government support and dedication from all industry players.
  9. The soon to be announced National Tourism Policy will also include policy support towards the development of the Business Events sector which is anticipated to further strengthen its foothold in the years to come. Policy support alone will not be effective unless industry players in the Business Event Sector provide the leadership and guidance to help grow the sector.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
  10. When it comes to the tourism industry, there is so much going on in pushing Malaysia as the preferred destination for both business and leisure.
  11. We are ever-more ready to welcome our visitors during the Visit Malaysia year 2020, of which our plans focus on commencing initiatives with the objectives of offering new and improved tourism products, pulling in the international crowd and at the same time, for Malaysians to enjoy the experience the country has to offer as much as our international visitors.
  12. The coming year of 2020 will be one of celebrations and festivities, the Ministry promises a line-up of programmes, activities, events and attractions that will offer international tourist the best of what Malaysia has to offer. We will boost promotions through print and digital media with collaborations with global airlines, tourism boards, product and services, suppliers and many more.
  13. I am also pleased to inform that Malaysia will be extending 6 additional entry points making it a total of 13 entry points, ensuring a hassle-free entry for Chinese and Indian nationals. Meanwhile, enhancing the air connectivity to the country, the authorities have partnered with Condor Air, Air Arabia and Busan Air in launching new routes into Malaysia from key international destinations.
  14. In line with this objective, I strongly urge all players to come together and put in their full efforts in preparation to receiving our guests in 2020. Hence, the theme of “Progressive Momentum” for this edition of Malaysia Business Events Week is timely as we gear towards achieving the common goal. Taking a glance at the programmes lined up for you today, it is the perfect embodiment of the theme.
  15. We are indeed on track with a positive momentum in tourist arrivals. For the first quarter of this year, Malaysia registered 6.7 million visitor arrivals which represent an increase by 2.7 per cent when compared to the same period last year while registering a positive growth of 16.9 percent in tourist expenditure for the same period.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
  16. Beyond 2020 onwards, the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (12MP) sets as a continuation where a post-2020 development plan with a clear strategic direction will be in place to ensure an inclusive and meaningful socioeconomic development towards a more prosperous society.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
  17. I would also like to urge players to embrace changes, to innovate and follow new trends to stay relevant as well as to inspire you to work harder.
  18. To conclude, I wish everyone a very successful and fruitful Malaysia Business Events Week and I look forward to having the pleasure of meeting everyone for a rewarding knowledge sharing event!
  19. On that note, I now, officially open the 5th Malaysia Business Events Week 2019!

Thank you.
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